Tullius Aurelius

King of Tva-Avara


Tullius Aurelius is the king of Tva-Avara. He is a quiet and sensible old man who is loved by his people very much where they revere him, giving him the title of Venerable Sage King Tullius referring to his wise and honorable rule as king. However, despite his honorable reign, when the assassination of Lord Phillip Raile occurred, he didn’t want war, however, his options were limited. Without war he would lose what he had been striving to achieve during his kingship which was a united continent of Avara, along with the confidence of the country’s lords, and generals who might attempt a coup as the situation with the south hit a boiling point. Knowing this, along with the fact that his people also showed a clear disdain for their southern neighbors made the decision easier. On top of that, he received information that the Alv-Avaran king Titus Pomponious was potentially in dealings with the Black Hand made matters even worse. The only option for him to take was war with Alv-Avara. He figured that if he could control the south then the country would be united once more bringing the stability and unification that the continent once had.


Tullius Aurelius

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