Titus Pomponious

King of Alv-Avara


Titus Pomponious is the king of Alv-Avara. He lives inside the palace in the capital of Erenvale.This is a character that does what he needs to ensure his country’s not only survival, but advancement. He openly despises Tva-Avara, their northern brothers for invading in what eventually brought about the seven years war. He has a vast knowledge of military tactics was rivaled by no one in all of Avara. Its been said his country, was outmanned, and out-supplied during that war against the north; Titus used his military cunning to create traps and provoke the enemy into doing the things he needed them to do. Despite his great achievements, Alv-Avara was forced to stay on the defensive throughout most of the war. During this time of war he declared martial law and saw to it that his citizens followed these new laws. Every day he assured his people in the capital that the gods and all supernatural beings and more would recognize the atrocities committed by Tva-Avara and would give them the strength to defend against these barbaric invaders. His charisma was contagious as everyone felt safe when he spoke as they did not object to these new lawsbecause they also saw it necessary to ensure their safety, and way of life. After the war ended, many of the provisions that were set in place during the time of martial law were not rescinded leaving many to think that still feel that war is again on the horizon.


Titus Pomponious

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